It is not possible to achieve perfection, but it must be the athlete’s purpose. In sports, everyone – both the coach and the athlete – must believe and be convinced of what they are doing.

Therefore, what matters is not what they are doing, but how they are doing!
No one will be able to help achieve goals if athletes have no basic qualifications – the ability and ability to quickly and accurately complete technical details.
The victory will only be realized where there are physically and technically trained players and a solid team.


Hard work and enthusiasm are the foundation of success in sport. Confidence in purpose and self-respect in relationships with others is the next important factor. Collaboration, on the other hand, is a very important condition, and it manifests itself as the ability to help others, and as an attempt to understand other people who need to jointly boost their success in the pyramid in a long, regular and hard work.

Self-control is the control of your emotions, which helps maintain a balance both in the psychological and physical field. The focus is on the ability of an individual to resist temptations and prevent avant-garde actions. On the other hand, vigilance should be considered as the ability to identify and correct gaps in their activities in a timely manner. The initiative is to promote continuous decision-making with a desire to reach a higher level ( improve ) than is currently the case.

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