RJSC “Sport De Lux” offers intensive courses at all seasons, horse training, horse transport and health improvement (using horses).

RJSC “Sport De Lux” organizes equestrian events for children from 3 years of age, people with special needs, beginners and professionals several times a year.

In cooperation with local governments, Latvian Jade Federation and various organizations, Sport De Lux ensures horse presence in tourism, corporate and cultural events.

Sport De Lux delivers horses to various locations where these events are organized.

Club members regularly participate in national and international competitions.

Children who play sports are different from those who are not involved at all. They are more confident about their abilities, they are happy to engage in new activities and are more open to everyday life. One of the main tasks of the trainer is to find ways to raise the child’s self-confidence and promote confidence in his abilities. It is very important to teach the child to assess their achievements and set new goals based on their personal characteristics, to teach them to evaluate their achievements through the realization of their goals.


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