Our Team

Each of our specialists has a high level professional in his field.

KATE ANSONE Chairman of the Sport De Lux Board

Areas of activity: journalism, business, organization of international and national events.

More than 15 years of experience with horses. Certified healer and horse physiotherapist / masseur. It works on a daily basis to improve the health and fitness of people and sports horses.


Meet all team members

Līga Breikša

Board Member of Sport De Lux

Areas of activity: jurisprudence, public administration.

Sanita Lapiņa


Areas of activity: law, jurisprudence, diplomacy.

Ilze Plīkša

Veterinary specialist

Areas of activity: veterinary, public administration.

Ģirts Bricis

Sixth champion of the Republic of Latvia in the concur

Areas of activity: international and national competitions, preparation of horses for competitions, horse transport.

He has lived and worked in Germany, the finalist of the World Hemisphere Championship, the winner of the Grand Prix, the winner of the international and national awards, the winner of the Latvian IVth Olympiad.

Martin Urkis

Film director

Areas of activity: film directing, video editing, design

Aija Patmalniece


Fields of activity: horse welfare control and supervision, public administration

We share a lot of passion and creativity.


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